Your managed care contract experts

“Navigating the HMO maze can be challenging and draining to my staff. By utilizing the GCHMO liaison service, the process has become much smoother. They create easy-to-read quick guides for the admissions staff to help them be knowledgeable when accepting referrals. GCHMO has been successful at obtaining single case agreements when necessary, as well as getting exclusions for high cost drugs and DME. GCHMO has had success working with case managers in getting authorization at a higher level than originally achieved. We’ve seen an increase in our bottom line since our contracts are being utilized to their maximum”

Edward Neumann

CFO, The Grand

“GCHMO not only pinpointed which contracts were most valuable to my facility based on demographics, they also secured the contracts, negotiated higher rates and were able to do it all in a most prompt and efficient manner”

Barry Munk

VP of Operations, Marquis Health Services

“When we first took over our new facilities, everything seemed so overwhelming. One area where we felt very lost was with our managed care contracts. We were not sure if the rates were sufficient, we were not sure if we had enough contracts, we were not sure where to turn. Someone recommended GCHMO to us. When I called they were super-friendly, very efficient and took over the whole process for us. The pricing was extremely economical and they got us to where we needed to be in a very short period of time. Thank you GCHMO for doing such an amazing job!”

Judy Kushner

CEO, Excelerate Healthcare Services