Skilled Nursing Facilities

Managed care continues to rapidly change the face of the healthcare industry for skilled nursing facilities. Guidance Care HMO (GCHMO) can help your facility stay ahead in this ever-changing market.

HMOs are closing and narrowing their networks. Through our long-standing relationships with HMOs we can help you partner with them today. Doing so will allow you access to more potential admissions, leading to better census rates and recognition from referring hospitals. We streamline the entire contracting and application process to ensure it is hassle-free for your staff. We also have extensive experience with single-case agreements and out-of-network authorizations. We can obtain these for your facility while you go through the credentialing process, so you do not lose patients to your competitors.

In addition, GCHMO is informed of the HMOs’ constantly-shifting reimbursement policies. This ensures we obtain the highest reimbursement rates for our facilities and prevent unnecessary claim denials.