Medical Practices Need Life Support

Medical practices are being squeezed at both ends. Facing competition from large consolidators and struggling with increasing regulatory load, it’s getting harder and harder to sustain a small, independent practice. But neither your quality of care nor your business needs to suffer. You don’t have to give up your independence. GCHMO is here to help.

GCHMO is ready to put its deep network of connections and relationships to work for you. We know the details of all the latest regulations and compensation options, and understand the implications of the changes sweeping the marketplace. We can leverage that knowledge to help you survive in today’s complex marketplace. Let GCHMO handle your entire revenue cycle, assist you with expert healthcare consulting and practice management offerings, and help you develop or optimize your strategic plan.

GCHMO fully understands that for medical practices, quality of care is only sustainable through profitability and timely reimbursement. We can make this a reality in your practice by obtaining valuable HMO contracts, negotiating higher physician reimbursement rates and providing a smooth, swift claims processing service. Market your practice to wider range of patients today by contacting GCHMO.