Medicaid Applications and Self-Pay Screening

Managing Medicaid enrollments and screening self-paying patients for Medicaid eligibility is a vital part of maintaining your facility’s financial security. Let GCHMO help you with this critical business function. GCHMO can manage Medicaid enrollments, either in support of your onboarding team or fully managing this complex task.

Our specialists thoroughly review every intake for Medicaid eligibility opportunities, to ensure that your facility doesn’t miss out on any opportunities for Medicaid reimbursement. We can help self-paying patients determine their eligibility for Medicaid assistance, for their peace of mind and your assurance of payment for your services.

From screening new inpatients onsite or remotely, through guiding eligible patients through the enrollment process, to detailed reporting of all results, GCHMO is here to help medical providers enroll their patients onto Medicaid. Our Medicaid team handles the entire Medicaid process. We manage everything including gathering required documents and paperwork, completing applications, speaking with the state and managing all the countless, significant details until the final Medicaid approval.