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Durable Medical Equipment: Hard Choices, Great Solutions

It’s not easy being a DME. There are myriad Federal and state laws and regulations to comply with, claims are increasingly being submitted in a fully electronic workflow, credentialing and HIPAA compliance are rapidly growing challenges, and management and storage of a flood of documentation can be a daunting task. And at the same time, the large HMOs are limiting their supplier networks and tightening the reimbursement qualifications.

Success in the DME environment depends on ensuring the highest quality durable medical equipment and related services, comprehensive clinical oversight, outstanding network penetration, minimizing out-of-network hassles, and ensuring complete claimant satisfaction.

At GCHMO, we recognize the challenge HMOs present to DME Companies. GCHMO can help by obtaining contracts for HMOs with narrowing networks while negotiating the best possible reimbursement rates on your company’s behalf. Maximizing company profits can also be assisted by utilizing our claims collections service. Don’t delay! The time to contact us is now.