GCHMO Contracting Services

Navigating the world of HMOs can be daunting. Guidance Care HMO (GCHMO) is your low-cost highly effective alternative to having a full-time staff member perform any or all of your managed care contracting and related services.

Our central goal at GCHMO when negotiating a managed care contract is to ensure that our medical providers increase their revenue and cut costs. We are successful in negotiating rate raises and exclusions with HMOs due to our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with them. We handle and track the lengthy application process on our provider’s behalf. We gather the necessary documentation and make sure all data is up to date, so that credentialing is always completed on schedule. When a contract is prepared for signature it is carefully reviewed by our contracting team to ensure that the contract language and terminology is in the best interest of the provider.

Most importantly, GCHMO allows our providers full ownership rights to their contracts. We guarantee you a profitable experience by only charging for a successful outcome.