Achieve your revenue cycle management goals

When in-house collections departments are swamped with current billing, aging or difficult accounts can get pushed aside until a “tomorrow” that may never come. But you don’t have to let these valuable revenues disappear.

 GCHMO will take charge of recovering outstanding Medicare, Medicaid and managed care receivables accounts. We have an outstanding track record of recovering managed care receivables that are no longer on aging, or that you may have written off as uncollectable.

 Meanwhile your accounting team can catch up to current billing and regain control of your aging balance.

 Whether it’s one difficult collection or an entire aging portfolio, we do the work with no up-front costs and absolutely no risk to you.



  1. Assessment
    GCHMO performs an in-depth analysis of your needs and creates an action plan for your approval.
  2. Follow the money!
    Our collections specialists track down leads, scrutinize the paper trails, and reconstruct necessary documentation to get your bills acknowledged and paid.
  3. On the trail
    Regular communications and detailed reporting ensure that you’re always in the loop.
  4. Oversight
    Our close collaboration with your team and third-party perspective enables us to notice and alert you to rising outstanding balances or other negative trends before they become a serious issue.