Your managed care contract experts


Guidance Care HMO (GCHMO) has been dedicated to creating relationships with healthcare provider organizations like yours, to help you get the compensation you deserve for the great work you do.

The healthcare business environment is more difficult than ever, and it’s only becoming more complicated. HMOs are narrowing their network of providers, and constantly revise and toughen their reimbursement guidelines. Bottom line: it’s harder than ever to get through to key decision makers, and you need a team of dedicated, full-time experts to keep up with the constantly-changing managed care requirements and government regulations.

Meanwhile, your hands are full just providing consistently excellent services to your healthcare recipients. Many other organizations similar to yours are struggling, unable to keep up with rising costs, ACA uncertainties, rapidly increasing demands of caring for a growing client population and a bewildering variety of insurance coverage options. Do you have time to deal with all these challenges while also staying ahead in this competitive market? Can you afford to go at it alone?

This is where we come in. To obtain new contracts, you need a recognized and respected partner with close contacts inside managed care organizations, who has earned their respect by representing numerous high-quality providers like you. To stay on the positive side of the balance sheet, you need experienced negotiation and reimbursement pros. To succeed, you need GCHMO.

It’s all about relationships. GCHMO leverages its excellent reputation and broad network of managed care organization contacts, working on your behalf to bring you the referrals you deserve. Our expert financial and business professionals work closely with you and payor organizations to help you get, maintain and grow and the contracts you need, at the maximum rates available. Our liaison services team manages your day-to-day interactions and routine communications with HMOs, for maximum efficiency.

Worried about cost? Don’t be. GCHMO’s services are surprisingly affordable. Contract services are billed contingent on successful delivery and execution, and our ongoing management services—such as our liaison functionality—are provided at very reasonable rates.

As a GCHMO client, you can relax and focus on the goals that matter most to you: fulfilling your core mission to provide consistently excellent care and successfully competing in the marketplace.

For an in-depth, free consultation at your convenience, please contact us today. Let’s get started building a great relationship!